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Expert in advanced technologies for Industrial Gas, Clean Power Generation, LNG and Hydrocarbon applications



N°10 Autumn 2007

Summary of our "Autumn 2007" issue:

  • How it works
  • How we tested it
  • How we developed it
  • Cryostar and the LNG carrier market
  • Infrastructure needed
  • Events

N°9 Spring 2007

Summary of our "Spring 2007" issue:

  • Centre of learning excellence
  • Introduction for knowledge management
  • Sports and business training
  • Proof of the pump
  • News & Events
  • DVD

N°8 Autumn 2006

Summary of our "Autumn 2006" issue:

  • Cryostar receives prestigious international award
  • Cryostar Brazil
  • Westport fuels Cryostar’s share of LNG pumps market
  • Pump up the power... crack down on costs
  • News
  • Customer service expands global reach
  • Events and Tools

N°7 Spring 2006

Summary of our "Spring 2006" issue:

  • Competitive, clean
  • Giant cranes spell big business
  • Customer survey results
  • High pressure flows for new pump
  • News
  • eBusiness, the one-stop-shop
  • Events and Tools

N°6 Autumn 2005

Summary of our "Autumn 2005" issue:

  • Tailored to you, the customer
  • Cryostar gets its MAGMA turbo expanders in ethylene market
  • Everyone’s a winner with us
  • Controlling the process
  • News
  • Who you gonna call?
  • Events and Tools

N°5 Spring 2005

Summary of our "Spring 2005" issue:

  • The win, win turbine
  • Nozzle studies
  • Focus on Cryostar UK
  • Education and recruitment - the two-way street
  • News
  • Innovation with Certification
  • Events and Tools

N°4 Autumn 2004

Summary of our "Autumn 2004" issue:

  • Working hand-in-glove with hydrocarbon process customers
  • Introducing the LAZAMATIC
  • Cryostar in Asia Pacific
  • Driving down the cost of dry dock
  • GBSD pumps in range
  • News Events and Tools

N°3 Spring 2004

Summary of our "Spring 2004" issue:

  • Energy Recovery with Cryostar - Turbines
  • Breakthrough for liquid O2 cleaning
  • Belgian filling stations renewal performed by Cryostar
  • Automation
  • LNG transport - the future here today
  • Liquid turbine generates growth
  • News Events and Tools

N°2 Autumn 2003

Summary of our "Autumn 2003" issue:

  • Testing times at Cryostar
  • Cryostar in clean fuels trials
  • Local service brings China success
  • Cryostar turbines on the Sleipner gas platforms
  • MRP – the cutting edge of technology
  • News
  • Events and Tools

N°1 Spring 2003

Summary of our "Spring 2003" issue:

  • Oxygen for cleaner Energy
  • New Propulsion Concepts for LNG Carriers
  • Cryostar in the Americas
  • Cryostar Turbines for Processing Industries
  • The new MCP concept
  • News Events and Tools