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Our actions

Reducing tons of C02 emissions

  • Setting up a milk run in 3 French territories: a Lean logistics concept that involves using a single lorry to collect components from different suppliers. This concept was based on the model of milk distribution in towns in the 20th century.  The tour optimizes the number of lorries filled and the number of kilometers travelled.

  • Promoting Carpooling to our staff.


Waste reduction and recycling

  • Investment in a new passivation effluent treatment plant to reduce acid emissions.

  • Plastics: optimizing plastics sorting. Recovering plastics. Cupless coffee machines and supply of coffee mugs and water bottles to replace plastic cups and plastic water bottles. Installation of water fountains in meeting rooms. Changing from plastic bottles to returnable glass bottles in the company restaurant.

  • Sustainable management of cigarette butts: cigarette butt containers collected by the “MEGO company”, which recycles the butts and transforms them, after washing and decontamination, into street furniture.

  • Combating food waste via the catering committee, even going so far as to weigh plate returns with the aim of reducing or even eliminating them.

Reducing energy consumption

  • Investment of €15m in a new 1,600 m2 assembly and test building that is environmentally friendly in terms of energy. The building features a green roof, a heat pump, 350 m2 of solar panels and 10,000 liters of rainwater recovery for sanitary use.

  • Switching off the lighting on the Cryostar logo on the façade from 11pm to 6am.

  • Lowering the temperature of the premises, in line with the government's energy-saving plan.

  • Conversion of the site's workshop and pedestrian lighting to LED.

  • Intelligent management of energy consumption (heating, gas, water, etc.).

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Ever more environmentally-friendly products and services

  • Development of LH2 Hydrogen solutions. To meet the challenges of tomorrow's mobility, the hydrogen market has huge potential. Along with other renewable energy sources, hydrogen is a key element in reducing greenhouse gases. By the end of 2023, we will have supplied more than 500 high-pressure pumps for liquid hydrogen (LH2) applications; another 100 HP LH2 pumps used to refuel industrial vehicles running on liquid hydrogen were ordered from us during 2023.

  • New-generation NeoVP multistage vertical pump: top energy performance. As well as being easy to install and maintain, the NeoVP vertical pump's optimized efficiency means substantial energy savings for users and lower CO2 emissions thanks to the pump motor's reduced power consumption. Safer, more efficient and more economical, the NeoVP also covers a wider range of performances.

Choosing responsible suppliers

  • Using local suppliers wherever possible to encourage short supply chains

  • Ethics in terms of compliance with standards of ethics, integrity and business conduct. We expect our partners to adhere to our charter defining the basic requirements for compliance with standards in the fields of health, safety, human rights and labour standards, in full legal compliance and integrity, environmentally friendly.


  • Installation of a vegetable garden, self-managed and shared by employees.

  • Planting of small fruit trees (redcurrants, raspberries) and wild flowers at the Cryostar Hésingue site (France, Alsace).

  • Collaboration with the League for the Protection of Birds

  • Commitment to nature and biodiversity through the replanting, in 2023, of more than 6 hectares of forest in Drusenheim (France), in partnership with the National Forest Office.