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LNG bulk / microbulk

Submerged pump - Cryostar

SUBTRAN submerged pump

Ground or truck mounted submerged Pumps with variable speed motor that can pass from 10 to 60 m3/h up to 20bar. These pumps are available in different executions: flanged version (FV), low pressure barrel (LP) or removal pump (RP).



Hydraulic driven Pumps that can pass from 10 to 40 m3/h up to 20 bar.

Hydraulic centrifugal pump - Cryostar

CBSH gearbox pump

Hydraulic driven Pumps with Gearbox that can pass from 15 to 40 m3/h up to 20 bar.
Thanks to the gearbox the hydraulic motor runs at relatively low speed reducing noise level of the hydraulic system.