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 The men and women of Cryostar lie at the heart of the overall performance of our company.
Our Human Resources policy focuses on recognising our talent and enhancing the team spirit that drives our daily working relations.

Our social commitment


We are committed to promoting cultural diversity, gender parity and “sustainable” high-quality employment on our teams.
We favour internal promotion by giving priority to the candidacies of our own employees, in particular by providing personalised support.

- Average employee tenure in company: nearly 10 years

Training and personal development

A key component of the human resources policy, the personal development and training plan adapts to the needs of each individual. Nearly 85% of Cryostar employees are trained each year.


We provide our employees with a pleasant and ergonomically-designed working environment.
We are firmly committed to promoting a balance between the professional and private lives of our employees, and in particular support remote working whenever the position is compatible with this arrangement.

Transparency, dialogue

In addition to regular communication throughout the year, the Executive Committee listens to the teams in meetings organised twice a year to discuss strategy, projects and markets, making these meetings real moments of in-depth dialogue and exchange.

Our societal commitment

Cryostar has decided to prioritise civil engagements based on concrete actions, whether collective or individual, highlighting responsibility, solidarity and volunteerism:

Institutional and personal commitment

We affirm our strong regional roots by supporting local institutions: donations as part of campaigns carried out by surrounding municipalities, sponsorship of local sports clubs, donations to cultural associations. We also provide assistance to charities and humanitarian organisations promoting child development and protection.
Cryostar is also active through its entities throughout the world, spreading its support for civic values, humanitarian efforts and sports to all continents:

  • Corporate Tennis and Volleyball Clubs: sponsoring of equipment
  • Operation “Breakfast for the Telethon”
  • US Hesingue youth sports teams: sponsoring of football shirts
  • SOS VILLAGES D’ENFANTS association – actor for the protection of children-
  • “Bicycles and Solidarity” association during the “Biking to Work” campaign,
  • Sponsoring of sports equipment at the rugby school in Vinhedo, Sao Paulo, Brazil, as part of action taken to integrate young people from underprivileged backgrounds
  • Donation of IT equipment to the Université des Montagnes in Cameroon

Civil engagement

As a partner to French National Defence, we support the military reserve policy and thus facilitate the employment, availability and responsiveness of employees in the reserves. The knowledge and know-how developed by reservists, in particular teamwork, sense of responsibility, and willingness to take initiatives, are all important values that we share.

 “In 2014, Cryostar received the Partner Employer of the Haut-Rhin Fire Brigade label”. This label recognises the support of companies such as Cryostar, which have committed themselves - through an agreement - to release their volunteer internal firefighters from professional duties during emergency situations affecting civil security. ”