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The name Compander describes a multi-shaft  turbomachine, incorporating both compressor and expander stages. The energy generated during the expansion process is returned to the system to improve efficiency.

Cryostar built the first compander in 1996.

A typical compander is electric motor driven and consists of three compression stages and one expansion stage, mounted on a common gearbox and frame to produce the cold power required for liquefaction processes. System efficiency is achieved by the use of high-performance turbine wheel designs and further enhanced by the use of (water or air) inter- and aftercoolers.

Companders using nitrogen as a process medium are often used in Brayton Cycle natural gas liquefaction plants.


In case of water coolers, the inter- and aftercoolers may be rack-mounted as per picture above.

Companders are supplied skid-mounted and packaged to include drive motors, seal gas systems, lube systems and necessary instrumentation.