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Cryostar's HSE policy is based on a double certification: OHSAS 18001 and ISO 14001 (V2015).
This structured approach made it possible to anchor continuous improvement in the company's culture.

It breaks down into many actions in the following areas:

Health and Safety:

Cryostar invests massively in safety, which is its primary item of expenditure. The highly technical business lines we work in present inherent risks: natural gas, industrial gas, hydrocarbons, and potentially explosive atmospheres (ATEX).
A new Behaviour Based Safety programme is currently being deployed, including awareness-raising actions and participations in dedicated events such as Safety Days (international safety day orchestrated by the UN), along with many opportunities throughout the year to place Safety at the heart of our actions. Moreover, close monitoring of our performance in this area is carried out continuously based on precise indicators that are also communicated to all of our personnel throughout the world.

Major safety investments in recent years:

  • Pressure testing buildings at the cutting-edge of innovation to ensure optimal safety for our personnel during tests.
  • Dedicated training programmes.
  • "Safety" video campaigns.

We have carried out and communicated numerous  actions aiming to reduce our environmental impact, in particular as part of the new ISO 14001 certification

  • Taking into account our products’ life cycle.
  • Waste sorting for all our employees.
  • Recycling of scrapped items and waste.
  • Investments linked to environmental impacts (combatting noise pollution, smart management of our energy consumption – heat, gas, water, etc.).


Cryostar is committed to the social and societal area for its employees' well-being. Therefore balance and well-being at work, are notions which Cryostar views as being of vital importance through targeted actions at the heart of its human resources strategy.