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Heat to Power

Heat is the most common form of energy in the world. Origin of heat can be natural (solar, geothermal) or human (heat from exothermic processes). Converting heat to electricity with no CO2 emission is possible by using thermodynamic cycles (Steam cycles, Organic Rankine Cycle, Kalina cycle), integrating an expansion turbine.

Geothermal resources and industrial processes most frequently generate low grade heat (temperature between 100 ° C / 210 °F and 200°C / 390 °F). Organic Rankine cycles and Kalina cycles are the most relevant solutions for recovering this energy, and using a Cryostar turbine makes it possible to maximize electricity production from a given heat source.



Generator loaded Expanders with oil lubricated bearings. The energy recovered from the expansion is powering the generator through a gearbox to convert shaft power into electricity that can be sent back to the grid.

The TG is available with 9 frame sizes with a power range from 75 to 20’000 kW.
Design is customized to fulfill customers’ requirements in terms of standards: API standards, local standards or customers’ best practice standards can be applied when requested.