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Cryostar is humanizing its articles of association by adopting a purpose that focuses on its employees’ fulfilment

Cryostar is committed to its employees’ well-being and fulfilment, as well as to the overriding need to contribute to the preservation of the environment, which is essential to our survival. Alongside the CSR actions already underway, Cryostar has been putting its purpose – which falls within the scope of the PACTE law - in place.

Our purpose is the backbone of our company. It is in line with our strategy and our corporate vision but also with our ambitions and the philosophy that drives us. It defines and characterizes us. This purpose also allows us to fine-tune the definition of our DNA. A purpose through which we are able to come together and share the same vision.

Added to the company's articles of association, Cryostar's purpose is defined as:

"Acting together for responsible human fulfilment by designing industrial equipment that improves energy efficiency."