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For more than four decades Cryostar has specialized in designing and manufacturing cryogenic equipment
The 21st century has seen Cryostar extend its offering to process plants in the fields of natural gas and clean energy.

Company milestones

1966 - Cryostar opens in Basel (Switzerland) as a subsidiary of the American company Airco Cryogenics Division.

1972 - To better serve the European market, Airco Cryogenics extends its Swiss subsidiary’s activities. Hesingue in France is chosen as the production facility location.

1973 - The Hesingue site opens with an initial focus on the manufacture of cryogenic pumps and freezing tunnels.

1974 - Beginning of the expansion turbine and compressor programme.

1978 - The British Oxygen Company (The BOC Group) takes over Airco Cryogenics and consequently Cryostar.

1983 - BOC spins off Airco Cryogenics but retains the Cryostar organisation.

1985 - Cryostar becomes a member of The BOC Group. Cryostar’s first subsidiary is set up in the United Kingdom.

1991 - Cryostar opens its second subsidiary in Singapore.

1993 - Start-up of the American operations in Philadelphia, PA, USA. These later moved to Allentown, PA, USA.

1997 - Production and service centre in Santa Fe Springs, CA, USA opens.

1998 - Cryostar’s Swiss headquarters merge into the Hésingue, France site, which becomes Cryostar’s global headquarters.

2001 - Cryostar acquires Elintec, a company specialised in gas cylinder filling systems, leading to the creation of Cryostar Automation.

2001 - Cryostar acquires the CCI (United-States) centrifugal and piston pumps lines.

2002 - Cryostar acquires the CVI pump line from Chart Industries (USA).
Cryostar’s sales office in Hangzhou,China opens.

2005 - Cryostar expands in China by opening of a Service Centre and workshop in Hangzhou.

2006 - Cryostar Brazil opens in São Paulo, as a sales office.
Cryostar becomes a member of The Linde Group via the Linde acquisition of The BOC Group.

2008 - Cryostar USA moves into larger facilities and extends its manufacturing activities to Bethlehem, PA, USA.
Cryostar Brazil now offers repairs and service.

2009 - The Cryostar Business Center in, China operation moves to a larger facility and adds pump assembly to its service offering.

2010 - Reorganization into Business Units targeted at enhancing customer proximity.

2011 - Creation of Cryostar India.

2012 - Cryostar Brazil is transferred into larger premises with assembling hall in Vinhedo (SP).

2013 - Cryostar celebrates the anniversary of 40 years in France.

2014 - Cryostar opens the world's largest liquid nitrogen tests facility for cryogenic pumps.

2015 - Cryostar opens a new Business Center in Houston, USA.

2016 - To strengthen Cryostar's testing capacities, a new and unique building dedicated to hydraulic and pneumatic tests is put into service.

2016 - Cryostar celebrates the 50th anniversary of its founding, in Pratteln, Switzerland.

2016 - Cryostar opens a new Business Center in St-Petersburg, Russia.

2017 - Cryostar USA takes over operation of the former Absolute Zero (AZ) facility in Aurora, IL, USA.