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Hydrogen also known as "H2" has a higher specific energy than conventional fuels and is considered environmental friendly.

Stored in liquid form to save space, the historical use of Liquid Hydrogen (LH2) has been as liquid fuel for space applications since the 1960s. Most recently, new production processes

and new environmental rules have increased the interest in using hydrogen, the most popular application being in fuel cells for ground and marine vehicles.

Cryostar has developed a range of cryogenic pumps specifically designed for the transfer and compression of hydrogen from liquid hydrogen storage (-253°C).


LH2 Transfer Pumps (trailers, carriers)

SUBTRAN LH2 submerged pumps with variable speed motor with a flow rate capacity up to 600m3/h.
These pumps are available in two executions: low pressure barrel (LP) or removal pump (RP).


High pressure LCGH2 reciprocating pumps (fuel cells and tube trailers)

LH2 reciprocating pump available in simplex, duplex and triplex executin with a flow rate capacity up to 45 l/min at a pressure of 500bar.