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Our policy

Our governance

Our medium- to long-term vision is to make consistent, targeted and regular efforts to protect our environment. Our environmental commitments for the coming years are based on 3 major areas :

  • Reduce our carbon footprint by aiming for a 35% reduction in direct and indirect emissions linked to electricity consumption and a 10% reduction in other indirect emissions by 2027.
  • Reduce the tonnage of all our waste to act directly at source, including non-recyclable waste.
  • Optimize our waste recycling potential, aiming for a 90% waste recovery rate.

As a responsible manufacturer resolutely focused on the future, we go further, through a series of other actions that directly impact the quality of our environment. We are committed to:

  • Promote short circuits at all levels of our industrial process and actions.
  • Reduce transport and promote alternative means and eco-mobility.
  • Act to reduce energy consumption.
  • Reduce the use of plastics.


Our objectives and measures

To lower our environmental footprint, we have set clear objectives with measurement indicators.

2023 Carbon Footprint :

  • 20% reduction since 2019 on direct and indirect emissions from electricity consumption: 850 tons in 2019; 683 tons in 2023
  • Other indirect emissions: 68,000 tons (excluding downstream scope)

Recycling rate of our waste by mid-2023 : 83 % (target 90%)

Our Environment Committee

We draw on all the company's driving forces, including our subcontractors, to devise and implement our actions. Our Environment Committee was set up in 2020. Its role is to lead environmental initiatives, generate ideas, translate them into action and monitor the implementation of action plans to meet Cryostar's environmental commitments. Half of the committee is made up of board members and the other half of volunteer employees appointed for 18 months (Environmental Manager, HR, Purchasing, Information Systems, Operations, Sales, Design Office).


Our certification

We have been ISO 14001 certified for over 13 years.