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Power generation industry currently faces two tremendous challenges :
Pollution and global warming issues impact more and more human life worldwide, so emissions of CO2 per kWh must be reduced.
Fossil fuel resources are declining, tomorrow’s energy must come from sustainable sources or sources otherwise wasted.

Using Cryostar turbogenerators makes it possible to address these challenges by :

  • Recovering energy from gas expansion to produce electricity without burning any fuel, and therefore with no CO2 emission.
  • Using natural gas pressure (Pressure to Power application) or heat as a primary source of energy (Heat to Power application).

Pressure to Power

Natural gas is transported at a high pressure in the gas grid and is delivered to end user at moderate / low pressure. more

Heat to Power

Heat is the most common form of energy in the world. Heat can originate from natural (solar, geothermal) or human (heat from exothermic processes) sources. more