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Objectives: Help our customers

  • Get familiar with the use of our equipment
  • Maintain our equipment efficiently
  • Control the machine's operation in all situations onsite


On customer operating sites, at our premises in France or in our business centers.


To be decided by mutual agreement. Our sessions are adapted to each type of project, a minimum time frame must be considered before out training agents’ intervention.

Our teams of course leaders:

The team is made up of a group of engineers and technicians with over fifteen years' cumulative experience in operating Cryostar machines and installations. The team members were validated for their expertise as well for their ability to lead interactive sessions that meet participants’ requirements.

Cryostar offers training sessions adapted to all equipment and solutions
The theoretical courses can be combined with practical sessions, depending on the availability of the equipment on the customer's site or in Cryostar's factory.

The objectives of the training sessions:

Understand the principles of cryogenics
Establish the link between the principles of cryogenics, parts design and the functions of auxiliaries
Take part in disassembling and reassembling equipment (practical session)
Assembly check-lists (practical session)
Acquire good practices for installing, starting up, operating and shutting down the equipment
Understand the control-command logics, the safety systems and their effects on the process
Understand how the machine is integrated into the processes chain and within the customer's site
Master instrumentation in order to guarantee the machine's optimal operation
Acquire the best maintenance practices to optimise the equipment's availability and reliability

Gas hazards:

Cryostar has a long experience as regards the use of dangerous gases such as oxygen, natural gas and nitrogen. In order to use all these gases in their liquefied form, Cryostar pays careful and special attention to the selection of the design, materials and instruments. This expertise extends to the installation and maintenance practices for the equipment, and Cryostar can help you restart your installation safely.

Preliminary requirements:

An elementary knowledge in general mechanics and/or mechanical maintenance.

Content of a typical session:

Module 1: Introduction – Safety Rules
Module 2: Theoretical Principles and Applied Physics
Module 3: Design – Manufacturing - Technology
Module 4: Associated Auxiliaries – Electrical Panels
Module 5: Instrumentation – Safety Systems
Module 6: Installation – Operation
Module 7: Maintenance and Failure Diagnostics
Module 8: Dismantling – Reassembling - Tests
Module 9: Review – Evaluation – Conclusion

Complete demonstration equipment is made available to the training center to offer practical maintenance courses.
This equipment comprises in particular: Piston pumps (MRP, SDPD, HPP), centrifugal pumps (GBS, MCP, VS) and turbo-expanders with magnetic bearings (MTC 500).
You can also bring your own equipment for maintenance and benefit at the same time from training in maintaining and repairing your machine.