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The 1000th Cryostar Turbo Expander/Compressor has been started!!

We are proud to announce that Cryostar’s 1000th turbo-expander/Compressor has been installed and started in China. This Expander is operating in an ASU built by HANGZHOU OXYGEN PLANT GROUP CO., LTD. for Shenhua Yulin Energy Chemical Co., Ltd. This expander has been started with full support from our experienced Field Service Engineers based in Cryostar business center located in Hangzhou, China. Our Chinese facility counts more than 35 skilled employees dedicated to the Chinese market. This business center locally produces pumps and packaged expanders in order to customize our products so that they meet local requirements.

As of today, Cryostar has sold and fully engineered 1’215 Turbo-Expander/compressors. Yes, still more than 200 have to be installed and started for our customers after assembly and testing in our workshop in Hésingue, France!!

Overall, Cryostar has designed and produced more than 3’035 Turbo-Expanders (Compressor, Generator or oil-brake loaded) for various industries such as the Industrial gases industry (Nitrogen, Oxygen, Argon production), the Natural Gas Treatment industry (NGL plants and others) and the Petrochemical industry (Olefin plants, PDH plants…).

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