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Hangzhou Heyi M&E Engineering Co.,Ltd.

Hangzhou Heyi M&E Engineering Co.,Ltd., Found in 2007, is specialized in the ship/land use gas supply system integration at home and abroad, complete set of air separation and liquefaction plant, cryogenic technology consulting, collocated control system integration of cryogenic equipment, cryogenic pumps and after sale maintenance of cryogenic expander and fully committed to the market development of cryogenic equipment. Heyi predecessor, Hangzhou Technical Service Department of SIIC Shanghai International Trade (Group) Co.,Ltd.,has been engaged in French CRYOSTAR cryogenic equipment sales in China and technical service business, and technical service of air separation plant in Southeast Asia before 2007.

Heyi has also begun to undertake the complete set of air separation and liquefaction projects in Southeast Asia since 2007 and accumulated a lot of experience in cryogenic process. Heyi has 15 people, 6 engineers (4 process and 2 electric). Heyi involved in LNG market, air separation market, industry gas market, LNG marine market since year of 2007 and Mr Jack Yang (boss of Heyi) work with Cryostar since 1999

Hangzhou Heyi M&E Engineering Co.,Ltd.


Main contact name: Mr. Kevin Yang 杨凯
Phone number: +86 15658011080
Email address of contact:

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