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Expert in advanced technologies for Industrial Gas, Clean Power Generation, LNG and Hydrocarbon applications

Hangzhou Energy Cryogenic Equipment Co.,Ltd

In 2012, established "Hangzhou Energy cryogenic equipment co., LTD.", specializing in the sales of cryogenic pump products in LNG filling stations, LNG barges, LNG peak shaving stations and other industries, with a team of 10 people

In 2012, "Hangzhou Energy cryogenic equipment co., LTD." signed a contract with CRYOSTAR to become its main partner of CRYOSTAR pumps and qualified installation, maintenance and after-sales service provider of CRYOSTAR pumps.

In 2013, we established business relations with most of the owners and EPC companies in the domestic LNG industry through more than one year's efforts. In the domestic market, we have established a close partnership with a large number of EPC, with a high market share.

Supply capacity and after-sales service capacity by the industry's consistent praise. In order to provide domestic customers with timely after-sales service, we have trained a number of professional after-sales service personnel, to solve our various types of pump after-sales problems. With our high quality technical services, good sales quality, quickly won the market wide recognition.

Hangzhou Energy Cryogenic Equipment Co.,Ltd

Room405, No 208 Qigudeng, Gongshu District, Hangzhou 310015

Main contact name: James Ding
Phone number: 13003640296
Email address of contact:

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