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CRYOSTAR becomes the 91st company to receive the “Alsace Excellence” certification!

The Alsace Excellence certification, which was launched in 2015 by ten pilot companies and is overseen by the ADIRA, aims to promote Alsace and the excellence of its businesses.

“Cryostar has been present in Alsace for more than 50 years. We are proud to be firmly rooted in the border triangle area. We chose to apply for the Alsace Excellence certification in order to affirm the culture and the values we defend on a local level. This certification also offers an opportunity to promote our commitment to the local community on a global level,” said Samuel Zouaghi, Cryostar President.

“I wish to offer my congratulations and thanks to the Cryostar team, without whom we would not have been able to obtain this certification.”

Economic category: 46/47
Social category: 31/32
Environmental category: 25/32

Some key points raised during the audit in June 2021:
A young, dynamic company
Health & Safety is taken seriously and promoted through international programs (TUV certifications)
The creation of pleasant working conditions is a top priority. Numerous initiatives are in place to support the high quality of work life (including hosting interns)
There is an active jobs and skills management program already in place, which will continue to be refined with the arrival of the new IFS tool
The company is continuing to grow and invest in its future (buildings, IT tools, recruitment, etc.)

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