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Co-operation agreement between Cryostar and Hyundai Global Service to reduce CO2 emissions

Cryostar and Hyundai Global Service will co-operate to provide a service to retrofit LNG carriers and FSRU vessels with systems and equipment to reduce CO2 emissions.

In order to reduce CO2 emissions of vessels, in compliance with EEXI and CII environmental regulations, various improvements may be made on board.

Lower vessel operating speeds is a way to reduce CO2 emissions, but results in larger volumes of surplus Boil-off Gas to be treated. Installation of a subcooler to cool the LNG in the tank and significantly reduce boil-off to avoid use of the GCU and associated emissions and conserve valuable cargo. Subcoolers can be fitted without disturbing existing fuel gas supply systems, and require minimal interfaces on board.

GHG pricing mechanisms such as EU-ETS with FuelEU maritime regulations to lower GHG intensity of fuel itself, will be introduced as basket measures from 2023.

HGS and Cryostar have teamed up to provide turnkey solutions such as retrofit of “EcoChill“ Subcoolers and other key technologies such as Engine Power Limitation (EPL) or Shaft Power Limitation (Shapoli) packages and energy saving devices to shipowners wanting to improve efficiency and compliance of their vessels

HGS and Cryostar are confident that their combined expertise will provide safe, simple and economical solutions for vessel upgrades to meet the current and future environmental and operational challenges facing some of the existing LNG fleet.

About HGS:

Hyundai Global Service provides service, back-up and retrofit packages to ship owners. With access to vast expertise, project management capabilities and numerous technologies and repair yards capable of executing retrofits, HGS is well placed to provide the turnkey solutions requested by vessel owners.

About Cryostar:

Cryostar is the leading supplier of cargo handling machinery and fuel-gas supply systems for LNG carriers and FSRU’s. The all-in-one skid-mounted “EcoChill” subcooler is a perfect fit for the retrofit market, utilising Cryostar’s broad experience in this field.

Le PDG de HGS et le PDG de Cryostar signent le protocole d'accord.

CEO HGS and CEO Cryostar signing the MOU together

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