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N°32 Autumn 2018

Au sommaire du numéro "Autumn 2018" :

  • Big data : the third industrial revolution ?
  • No two days are the same
  • Cryostar China wins the 2018 Linde Supplier Excellence Prize
  • A long term partnership

N°31 Spring 2018

Au sommaire du numéro "Spring 2018" :

  • The leadership challenge
  • CRYOSTAR distribution in North America
  • Smart storage arrives at CRYOSTAR’s warehouse
  • The human factor
  • Amur turbines put to the test

N°30 Autumn 2017

Au sommaire du numéro "Autumn 2017" :

  • Product innovation for a mature market: the NeoVP
  • Eugene Superfreeze: Action in the land of the morning calm
  • LNG truck refueling takes on new dimension thanks to CRYOSTAR Automation
  • Corporate social responsibility as a component of company culture
    CRYOSTAR Russia

N°29 Spring 2017

Au sommaire du numéro "Spring 2017" :

  • CRYOSTAR executes major projects for Russia
  • Design optimization for CRYOSTAR’s landmark 6-stage BOG compressor
  • Celebrating 50 fantastic years
  • Storeroom upgrade set to re-energize Supply Chain
  • CRYOSTAR Houston hits the ground running

N°28 Autumn 2016

Au sommaire du numéro "Autumn 2016" :

  • The history of cryogenic pumps
  • Expansion turbines
  • Big buildings

N°27 Spring 2016

Au sommaire du numéro "Spring 2016" :

  • Introducing the new Cryostar SUBTRAN pumps range
  • Cryostar at the heart of dual fuel engine revolution
  • Purchasing strategy for success
  • All aboard
  • LNG ship fuelling drives demand
  • News

N°26 Autumn 2015

Au sommaire du numéro "Autumn 2015" :

  • On track for project success
  • New dispenser for LNG vehicle refuelling
  • Design finesse for LNG carriers
  • Cryostar: the purchasing organisation
  • News

N°25 Spring 2015

Au sommaire du numéro "Spring 2015" :

  • Grand opening for a world-class facility
  • Making it real
  • Interview with Stéphane Sgambati
  • Cryostar China inaugurates new premises
  • News

N°24 Autumn 2014

Au sommaire du numéro "Autumn 2014" :

  • LNG Distribution
  • LNG fuelling test stand
  • CRYOSTAR SAS has big plans for MEGA Plants
  • All in order
  • News

N°23 Spring 2014

Au sommaire du numéro "Spring 2014" :

  • Green growth at Cryostar
  • Even more protection against oxygen fires
  • A standard and modular factory for packaging gas bottles is possible!
  • New building heralds bright future for high capacity pumps
  • A tradition worth celebrating
  • News

N°22 Autumn 2013

Au sommaire du numéro "Autumn 2013" :

  • Cryostar turns its expertise to LNG bunkering
  • Cryostar: No. 1 in fluid expanders
  • Efficient Clean Energy generation with Cryostar turbogenerators
  • Cryostar India, one step further into Asia...
  • Small Scale Liquefaction comes ashore
  • News & Cryostar Training Center

N°21 Spring 2013

Au sommaire du numéro "Spring 2013" :

  • He who Dares
  • First Q-Max refit sails through
  • New high capacity pumps building
  • Cryostar upgrades Brazilian medical gas infrastructure
  • Cryostar Expansion Turbines stand the test of time
  • News & Cryostar Training Center

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