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Soar (Shanghai) International Trading Co.,Ltd.

Soar (shanghai)International Trading Co.,Ltd was established in 2008yrs, previous company name is Shanghai xuzeng International trading Co.,Ltd establised in 2004yr.

Our company employee is around 20 persons. Since 2005yr, we had begun to have cooperation with Cryostar for 15 years.

We are sales of Cryostar expander, pump, HC, LNG etc. equipment in China and Asia.

Soar (Shanghai) International Trading Co.,Ltd.

Room 2007-2008, 20th Floor, No.18 Xinjinqiao Rd USCI 9131000067626265XN SHANGHAI, 201206 China

Main contact name: Flora
Phone number: 0086-21-50756365 ext.21
Email address of contact: or

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